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For us in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re already deep into winter, otherwise known as chapped lips season.  If you’re like me, you would know then that not all lip balms were born the same, and some (ie. those super waxy ones) sometimes do more harm than good.  However, with years of experience battling some of the hardest Canadian winters and trying every lip balm under the (midnight) sun, we feel confident in our near-definitive list of the 5 best balms to beat chapped winter lips!



This soothing and moisturizing lip balm is a cult favourite and for good reason.  It’s tacky-smooth texture keeps lips feeling protected while natural emollients help restore moisture to your lips.  Not only is the packaging instagram worthy (even in 2021!), it comes in an array of tasty flavours-our favorite is rose!



Carmex is the OG when it comes to lip balms.  Cost conscious, this baddie on a budget has been around for decades because it actually works.  Not only does it come with a tasty subtle vanilla flavour, you can actually use carmex on more parts of your body than just your lips! Apply some to cuticles or even your elbows in the winter to keep away that ashy winter skin.



Also a cult favourite, this lip balm by Fresh packs a punch with its nourishing oils and moisture-protecting sugar (yes, that sweetness actually helps to keep your lips hydrated!) alongside the ever important sun protection of SPF 15. Opt for a coloured balm for a sheer sheen of colour to give that effortless your-lips-but-better look while being rest assured that your lips are not only staying hydrated, but protected from the drying and aging effects of the sun!



If you love all things floral, and also love products that have worked since 1895, then Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a must try! Much like Carmex, this salve can be used for a multitude of issues such as calming crusty cuticles, used to add a soft pink glow to the cheeks, used to tame baby hairs, and ofcourse, applied to your lips. Oh, and did we mention it smells like an old school rose garden?!



The Lip Comfort Oil definitely doesn’t get the love it deserves on most other beauty blogs but is actually the undoubted top pick for our in-house Darlings beauty specialists. This lip oil blurs the line between balm and gloss with the most amazing oil-meets-tacky texture.  You can physically feel your lips being coated in luxurious, moisturizing goodness when you apply it and you are left with what can best be described as a literal glow from your lips.  We usually wear it by itself (PS. it comes in clear and coloured options if you want to wear it in lieu of a lipstick), or you can layer it on your lip product for an additional glow and rush of beneficial oils!  Every flavour makes us salviate but if we had to narrow it down to our two favourites it would definitely be honey and candy!

This drip goes great with soft lips!

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