The Ultimate DOJA CAT Inspired Spa Day

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Hello, Darlings!


Let’s face it darlings, things may not have gone exactly as we planned this year and this can really wear us down.  It’s important for us to remember though that it is not only okay, but necessary we take a step away and remind ourselves we are boss bitches-and one of our favorite ways to do this is with a much needed spa day.

Now in normal times we would be en route to the nail salon or the Four Seasons right now for some professional R + R but that simply isn’t an option for many of us.  This is why we wanted to share with you the Darlings guide to a perfect at home spa day but with a twist.  To achieve maximum boss bitch status we want to give you the four steps for the ultimate DOJA CAT inspired spa day. Follow these steps to achieve ultimate status as a bitch, as a boss, and shine like gloss!


We need to trigger our senses to let them know this time is meant for relaxation and scents are a vital part in doing so. Depending on the vibe you’re aiming to achieve dictates what scent you should diffuse: if you’re looking for a spa day emulating a wellness spa and peak relaxation we recommend essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender, but for this Doja Cat inspired spa day we want something more along the lines of a ~baddie taking a break~. We love Malin + Goetz “Get Lit” cannabis candle that has that perfect grounded and earthy scent that is the perfect mix of naughty and nice.



When we say accessorize, we mean get all those extra fixings that level up and make your spa day complete.  Strive for an outfit that balances comfort and a bougie attitude-think sleek silk dressing gown, your favorite juicy couture jumpsuit, or maybe even a vinyl catsuit-and lots and lots of bling to really live that boss fantasy.  Get that Doja Cat playlist on and most importantly: get yourself a drink. We are partial to the Darling’s Ultra Violet Cocktail but a glass of chilled white wine or berry infused spa water also hits the spot!




Now it's time for the main attraction: the treatments.  What you do here is completely up to you- do you want to level up your nail game (great nails are always key, in lockdown or not!), do a facemask, or maybe you just want to do a rose quartz facial roller massage while singing along to Say So.  This is your time to shine so just do you!




The best climax to any spa day is a warm and luxurious bath.  This is the perfect time to clean up after any messy treatments, clear your mind, warm up, and simply turn off the stress of the world and escape into your own fantasy.  Level up that bath with an aphrodisiac and Doja Cat-hot pink bath bomb like Sex Bomb by Lush because you deserve it Queen.


Once complete, revel in your boss bitch self and remember that you can never have too many Doja Cat inspired at home spa days!

Need more ways to treat yourself? Level up your jewelry game like the boss bitch that you are!

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