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Hello, Darlings!

We hope you had a great week! This week we're coming back at you this week with another blog. With all the stressful things going on in the world right now, it is important to take those measures of self-care and de-compress. You may be isolated at home right now (like many others) so we thought it would be perfect to do a skincare blog! With self-isolation still necessary, this will keep you entertained, looking fab and hopefully stress-free! We hope you enjoy.  

Are you tired of your skin acting up? Right now is the perfect time to up your skincare routine. Many of us are working from home which easily leads to boredom which can easily be filled up with a good skincare routine! If you don't know where to start, we can help you with that! 

A good skincare routine doesn't just happen overnight, it takes a little bit of an investment with your time and money. You should be consistent with it and be patient. Without further ado, here is a list of things you should do to maintain a good, healthy, skincare routine! 

1) Cleansing- Cleansing is so so important. Start off by basing yourself a good cleansing routine. Once in the morning when you wake up, and once before you go to bed. NEVER go to sleep with makeup on! 

2) Moisturize- Religoulsy! Every. Single. Day! It is one of the most important factors to have glowing, healthy skin. Look for products with SPF( in the morning), hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, and emollients. 

3) Nourish- Nourish in the evening with products that help heal and restore your skin. looking for peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and nourishing oils. Investing in a good serum is important as well. 

4) Face Masks- Face masks can be incredibly beneficial when used the right amount. Once or twice a week is just enough. Face masks offer a quick fix for many things like dryness or dull-looking skin.

5) Dermatologists- Don't be afraid to visit a dermatologist if needed! They can be so helpful and it's their job to know everything and anything about skincare! 

6) Treatment- Treat spots as they pop up. As soon as you see a spot starting to pop up, try and attack it as soon as possible with an antibacterial spot treatment to prevent it from growing and getting infected. Look for products that contain tea tree oil, salicylic acid, or vitamin C. NEVER squeeze or pop pimples. 

7) Steam- Steam your face every once in a while. steaming allows your pores to open up which makes it easier to deep clean your skin. It is easy to do at home and is recommended to be done once a week for most skin types. 

8) Sleep- Sleep is so important and there are many different ways. Beauty sleep is NOT a myth. Our skin regenerates faster in our sleep and starts to look tired if we do not sleep enough. Get your hours in to get the best-looking skin.

9) Hydrate- Drink lots of water every day. This is so so important. It's hard to keep your skin moist and supple if it's not hydrated internally. 

10) Silk or Satin- Silk Pillows are wonderful for your skin, especially if it's sensitive skin. Silk is a natural and soft material that will not irritate your skin throughout the night. 

11) Clean- Clean your makeup brushes regularly! Another common reason for breakouts, irritation and clogged pores are dirty makeup brushes.

12) Choose Wisely- Lastly, it is so important to choose wisely when it comes to the skincare products that you use. For example, if your skin is dry and you're using products for oily skin, it just increases the dryness. 

Following these simple rules will hopefully help you get on the right path to an amazing skincare routine! Good luck and we hope that we have helped you out! Please stay inside, stay safe and try to help flatten the curve! 

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