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Hello Darlings!

We hope you've had an amazing week. Today We're diving into the topic of beauty. The beauty world has never been as innovative as it is now..or has it? Join us as we discuss some of the beauty hacks that have actually been around way before Kim Kardashian made it cool. Without further ado, let's get started

                                                     LASHES- Audrey Hepburn

Every heard the phrase "Beauty is Pain"? Well for this Iconic Actress, the phrase is almost true. Hepburn famously separated each lash with a pin after applying mascara. Now, she had the right idea of not wanting clumpy lashes, but luckily today we have more advanced products, so you don't have to risk losing an eye to get those perfect lashes. To get the same definition , just comb through with a spoolie brush. We will even link our favourite brush here. You're welcome! BareMinerals- The Brow Master, $22 

                                         SKIN- Ginger Rogers 

Ginger Rogers had a beautiful, smooth, even Complexion. In order to maintain this, it is reported that she used cotton pads saturated in witch hazel, which is a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory. She would do this after cleansing. Believe it or not, her method actually works really well. Don't Believe us? Try it out for yourself. We prefer Thayers rose-scented Aloe vera Witch Hazel toner , $9  You can buy it at any drugstore! 


                                                   LIPS- Vivien Leigh 

Vivien was unhappy with her lower lip, so she would outline outside of her lips to make them seem much fuller. It's more foolproof when you use a bold colour, but the best way to pull it off is to choose a liner that goes on smoothly and matches your natural colour. A good product to use is Buxom's Plumpline Lip Liner .

We hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. While you're still here, Check out our Three favourite Darlings products of the week!



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