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There is no need to beat around the bush, 2020 was an unconventional year and for many of us, a hard one. Using the word “BEST” to describe anything about this year can bring a feeling of discomfort.  If anything, for those of us lucky enough to maintain our own, and our family and friends' health and wellbeing, that luck deserves the top spot of the best of the best of this year.  Nevertheless, through all the bad there has also been so much good in this year and it’s important to highlight that good not only to shine a positive light into this world, but also acknowledge and support all those artists, brands, and moments that have helped make this year one we will certainly remember.  The following list is a collection of our BEST OF 2020, the little things that helped to bring joy to us at Darlings jewelry in these uncertain times.





More than any other year, TV shows and movies have been the real heroes in providing entertainment when other venues could not, and there was no lack of great shows.  The Drag Race franchise in particular was on full drive, giving us 4 different seasons, packed full of sickening looks and leaving us all gooped and gagged throughout. 

Nevertheless, one season stands above the rest with the sheer level of fresh talent, attitude, and arguably above all, jaw dropping lip syncs. Canada’s Drag Race’s first season was the highlight of the short lived hot-girl summer of 2020. Breaking with the reputation of US Drag Race, the queens were able to showcase their personality without the same level of scrutiny of american versions giving us a more authentic glimpse into the hilarity and personalities of all the queens.  Talent was virtually endless all season but what stood out the most was the lip syncs.  Priyanka vs. Kiara may hold the title of the best lip sync of all time and it alone warrants our first BEST OF distinction.

Honourable Mention:

Although we were absolutely gagged by Canada’s Drag Race, we need to also mention the accomplishments of Drag Race Holland as well.  What a treat it was to see the art of drag from a non-english speaking country.  We at Darlings are MAJOR Ma’Ma Queen Stans!





Like shows, this year has been no stranger to great music, even throughout (multiple) lockdowns.  It seems almost unfair to pick just one song but with the added benefit of nostalgia and the help of the tiktok moms, our pick for best song of 2020 is none other than Potential Breakup Song (explicit) - by Aly & AJ.

Brought back from the depths of our childhood by a few suburban moms on tiktok, Aly and Aj capitalized on all the refound hype to create a more age appropriate, explicit version fit for 2020. Now hopefully 2021 will take cues from the song and not make us have to break up with it too.




As we started to spend more and more time at home, candles became less and less of a want and more and more of a need.  Everyone has their own taste in scents, and normally they don’t favour in the direction of genitalia but our top spot goes to goop x heretic’s “This Smells Like My Vagina Candle”.

With a name like that, you can bet this is the perfect blend of florals and musk to create a delicious, seductive, and fun scent perfect for any time of the month.






As self-proclaimed jewelry connoisseurs, it goes without saying 2020 was a big year for us at Darlings in the jewelry department.  We released so many stunning new pieces it is nearly impossible for us to pick just one for the BEST OF title-however even we have our own bias’.

In 2020 we released the Curb Chain line, bringing a en-vogue retro flair to our best selling nameplate necklaces.  We’ve been head over heels for anything curb chained all year (and so have you guys!), therefore our BEST OF jewelry goes to no other than our Classic Nameplate Necklace with Curb Chain


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