POSITIVE ENERGY: How To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Home Decor

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In 2020 we will take all the positive energy we can get our hands on which is precisely why crystals may just be one of the most underrated decor pieces you can incorporate into your home this year. Whether you believe the hype or not is up to you, but the consensus is that crystals can emit energy through a process called the piezoelectric effect which is a fancy way of saying crystals have the ability to convert external energy and transfer the positive vibes onto your own self. Irregardless of it being true or not, crystals are beautiful and we will never say no to positive vibes and good energy alongside them!

There are many different ways to incorporate crystals and their energizing properties into your life: some people wear them in jewelry, others will integrate them into their cups and plates to transfer their crystal powers into the foods and drinks they consume, and alternatively, crystals can be used as home decor items, emitting energy throughout your home (which many of us spend A LOT of time in nowadays). Continue readings for a few ideas that will inspire you to bring more crystal energy into your life through your home!


First Steps

One crucial step many people don’t know about crystals is that they have to actually be “charged” in order for them to properly emit energy and the so called “good vibes” to you.  When you receive a new crystal (or crystal infused item), start off by rinsing them gently in water and patting them dry with a towel.  The next step is the most important; place your crystals either outside or near a window at night on a night with visible moonlight--the moon is key to having your crystals work.  Once a night of charging is complete you are good to go!


The Bedroom

One crucial step many people don’t know about crystals is that they We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms as this is the area we sleep (hopefully 8 hours a night ) so this is a prime area to consume crystal energy.  One of the most simple ways to incorporate crystals is by placing standalone crystals on your bedside table.  A raw, cut, or polished crystal or crystal wand brings a beautiful sheen and soft wash of color to any vignette.  Placing crystals within such close proximity to where you sleep also ensures you can consume as much energy as possible.  Some of our favourite crystals for the bedside based on both their aesthetics and powers include quartz and rose quartz


The Living Room

I don’t know about you but I plan on spending a lot of time this winter cozying up on my sofa with a fuzzy knit blanket and a hot cup of detox tea.  If you’ve ever had wood furniture, you know a coaster is an absolute must in order to keep those pesky condensation stains away.  This is where a crystal or geode cut coaster takes center stage.  Not only will a crystal coaster help protect your furniture, it will help energize the cups that sit on it, making your drinks not only delicious, but full of positive energy! Anthropology has been selling these for years in every colour imaginable, but you can find many authentic crystal coasters online and in home decor shops nowadays.  We may be bias to purple but we at Darlings LOVE a amethyst style coaster for our cups!



The Bathroom

For many of us, the bathroom is a little escape within our home.  It is more than the place we get ready and do our “business”, it is also the place in our home we can pamper and beautify ourselves.  Beauty extends beyond just outwards projections however, and albeit cliche, comes from within.  That’s why incorporating crystals inside your bathroom is key to bringing reaffirming and positive vibes to your inner beauty.  As with every room, there are endless ways to bring crystals into your space but a little less thought of way is by bringing a crystal embellished mirror.  We are OBSESSED with this one by CB2 (and it’s on sale right now!) that comes with the most stylish, gold rimmed rose quartz circle we’ve ever seen!

We can not repeat ourselves enough that there are truly so many ways to incorporate crystals into your home and the above ideas only scratch the surface but in our present time, surrounding ourselves with beautiful things is a pivotal addition to bringing peace and positive vibes to our lives!

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