😍💜Check Out This Darling Of The Month!!😍💜

Hey Darlings, one of the best things about our Darling community is the fact that we can share and admire the fab looks that our members share. Our January Darling of the month is going out to  @chrisarza on instagram. This Darling is rocking that natural look with a little bit of glow. He is also rocking our Old English Nameplate Necklace, which we love! Without further ado, get the look here!

 Chris used 9 products for this look but we are going to direct our three favourite parts. If you'd like to find out the rest of the key products for this look, you'll have to check him out on instagram. Trust us, you won't regret it. ( @chrisatza 😉 )

1) Brows! Benefit Cosmetics- Ka- Brow shade 6 - $24.00

It's obvious that Chris absolutely has his brows SO well done and we're assuming this is his secret. Or maybe he just has naturally perfect brows. Both are possible. 😉 The Ka-Brow is advertised as an all in one cream-gel formula that glides easily to help fill, shape and define. We will definitely be trying this product out, thank you Chris! 

2) Lips! Lunar Beauty, Dreamy Gloss - $16.00

The gloss!!! Oh my gosh 😍. Let's talk about how good this looks on him It's the perfect level go glossiness for this look, making it sassy but not too dramatic. Also, gloss is so back in now. If you read our blog last week, you may have seen we talked about throwback looks coming back in, and this is totally one of those trends. Plus, it's available for $24.00. What steal! 

3) Lashes! Tatti Lashes, TL3 - $14.00

Voluminous, full, long lashes are exactly what is IN right now and these babies hit the nail right on the head. Chris SLAYS with these on. They make the perfect look. Not too long, and definitely not too short. They make his eyes pop and ultimately complete the look. If Chris wears Tatti Lashes, We will (A mean girls quote was due on this blog at some point, we're not sorry).

 Now, the BEST thing about Chris's gorgeous look may have to be the one and only... Old English Nameplate Necklace, By us of course! This 18K gold, personalized necklace adds a bit of shine to his soft look. Not to mention it also is so nice on the eyes against our favourite colour 💜


While we're here, we'd also like to feature our Old English Nameplate Earrings. I guess you could say our products highlighted this week will all be Old English. You cannot blame us though, it's such a classy yet bold design! 🤷🏼‍♀️


Lastly, We have The Old English Bracelet, Once again, as classy and bold as ever!


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