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We hope you had a great week! This week we're coming back at you with another blog. We're showing you some of the best beauty products that are worth splurging on. Inspired by the endless hours of TikTok we've been watching, many people are revealing their favourite beauty products that are worth the price. Without further ado, let's get started!

1.  Glossier Boy Brow 

Have you ever wondered how models get the perfect bushy brow without it looking like they put a ton of product on? This is it! The formula builds up your brows without colouring them in like a traditional brow product. This is a must for a natural makeup look. This product is on the lower end of the scale at $16.00 and is totally worth it.

2. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 

If you're a Darlings Jewelry OG, you may remember that we wrote about this mascara in a previous 'These Makeup Dupes Will Blow Your Mind NOT Your Money!' blog. Ultimately, if you have the funds to splurge, this mascara is the best of the best. At a price of around $24.00, if you want long, voluminous lashes, it's worth it.

3. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

If you incorporate baking into your makeup routine, then you need this translucent powder. This stuff will keep your under-eye area bright and creaseless all day. Priced at $39.00, this stuff is a bit pricey but once again worth it.

4. IT Cosmetics CC Cream

This product has been an absolute life-saver for many. If you have problematic skin, this product is for you! We recommend using this product, especially when if you have problems with eczema. It is high-coverage but still breathable. The product also has SPF 50! Yes, please! $40.00 for a small bottle, still worth it.

5. Glossier Cloud Paint 

Cloud Paint by Glossier is one of the best blush products that you can buy. Unlike powder blushes, it blends out seamlessly and looks like your actual skin. It’s so creamy and easy to apply. People rave over this product and it's often sold out, so get it while you can. For something this good, $18.00 is a steal.

Feel free to share with us your favourite splurges with us @darlingsjewelry. Good luck and we hope that we have helped you out! While you're here, take a look at some of our favourite products of the week! Have an amazing week! 

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