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Hello, Darlings!

This last week we launched our brand new Crystals and Butterflies Collection-a collection filled with optimism and symbolism to carry us into this new year!  As we begin our metamorphosis out of the troubled period that was 2020, the butterfly symbolises new growth, transformation, and change-a hopeful metaphor for the new year.  But we are not the only ones to embrace change like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, butterflies are taking over all walks of fashion and beauty!  Want a deeper glimpse into one of this year's biggest trends? Want to find the perfect addition to your Crystals and Butterflies piece? Then keep reading below for all the hot tea!



The infamous face mask.  By now you may be becoming sick of seeing dull masks when you’re out and about, and frankly probably miss a time when you didn’t have to wear one at all, but unfortunately, they will continue to be an important part of our attire for a few more months. But butterflies are taking over this department too and bringing new life into an otherwise dull and utilitarian accessory.  These masks by Akira embody all the optimism (with respectful safety precautions) that will define 2021! In 2021, butterflies are bringing new life into an otherwise misfortune reality and we commend the glow up!



Butterfly nail art was a staple of every it girl in the 90s, but it has slowly been returning to the mainstream, landing on the nails of celebrities like Kylie Jenner (pictured above).  This year as the symbol of the butterfly continues to resonate with 2021, you can expect more and more nails to rep the iconic butterfly!



Butterflies can come in just about any color and when you find the right butterfly print in clothing, it can go with just about any outfit and bring that rebirth energy and motif to your vibe.  Butterfly prints have been available for years but more and more companies are bringing their interpretation of the butterfly to market.  This hoodie by Missguided is SO darlings’ and we are obsessed!



Butterflies are delicate and dainty creatures which make them apt to be crystalized and turned into stunning pieces of jewelry. We’ve brought butterflies to huggies, necklaces, and anklets to give you multiple options to rep your wings.  Not only do they look great, they also pair and stack fantastic with our brand new crystal pieces!

Looking for your own butterflies to rock in 2021, check out our iconic pieces below!


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